9:30 am – Our family friendly, contemporary Holy Communion service is geared to children and those new to faith or those wanting to support new ways of “doing church”. The Book of Alternative Services Holy Communion service is informal in tone. We use multimedia presentations to help convey the message contained in the sermon. This service includes a supervised Nursery and Sunday School. 11:00 am – Our service is the Book of Alternative Services Choral Eucharist. It is a formal service with traditional hymns and a teaching sermon.After each of these services we have a time of community, where we eat and drink and connect again.



Anglicans believe worship to be the work of the people. There are many choices if you would like to be involved in our worship life. You may usher, read or even officiate at a worship service. Ordinary parishioners, lay people, assist in conducting the church services. Along with the privilege of leadership is the responsibility to give our best. Trained and supervised parishioners, who are licensed by our Area Bishop to the Parish Priest, are Lay Readers. Both worship services are different.   Lay Readers and Servers participate in them according to the need. Please speak to Rev. Debbie for more detailed information.

Mrs. Anita Farmer trains and coordinates the Servers and Lay Readers at 11:00 am BAS Sung Eucharist. Anita also offers training each year for all those involved in the ministries which support our worship services: Ushers,  Readers and leaders of The Prayers of the People. Rev. Debbie is hands on at our 9:30 am service.

Junior Servers: Older children join the Lay Reader and Presider around the altar at our 9:30 am worship service Multi-media Team: The multi-media team operates the audio/visual equipment which supports our 9:30 a.m. Contemporary Holy Communion Service. The ministry supports our informal and kid-friendly family service. We use contemporary Christian rock music through the iWorship DVD Series. When appropriate, our children and even those “young at heart” use instruments and actively enjoy our praise songs. We have a children’s corner with soft puzzles and colouring pictures to help children learn how to behave during the reflective times in worship. Each week, even our youngest members return from their class to participate in the Holy Eucharist and are given a children’s bulletin geared to our theme. Movies can be made of weddings, funerals, anniversaries, baptisms or any other occasion as requested. Please speak to a member of the multi-media team.

Chancel Guild: This ministry involves the behind-the-scenes tasks of beautifying the sanctuary and preparing the altar for our worship services. CONTACT CATHY TURGEON

Cathy Turgeon, Chancel Guild


Natural Church Development, or NCD, is a process that helps us name our strengths as a parish church and to highlight where we can grow. As we discovered with our Appreciative Inquiry process, at St. Paul’s our highest priority is to offer friendship to those who are in our midst or, in NCD jargon, our greatest strength is “loving relationships”. Our growing edge, like the majority of Anglican churches and indeed most mainline denominations, is “passionate spirituality” or having the ability to talk about why our Christian faith is important to us.

In September 2013 we began the initial phase with a parish survey under the direction of diocesan coach Canon David Robinson. During 2014 and 2015, various initiatives were undertaken to help us raise the level of “passionate spirituality” at St. Paul’s.During Lent 2014, members were invited to attend a four session small group challenge.  Seven groups were organized to offer our parish members various days and times to engage in Table Talk. We began with a “kick off” Pot Luck on Saturday, March 29. We built upon the success of our Lent challenge by offering small groups again during Advent of 2014. Three groups met throughout Advent.   Bible study resources were used both times which amplified our Sunday morning sermon series. Participation in a small group is a key way in which we can grow deeper in our knowledge and practice of faith.

The Three Colours of Our Spirituality was introduced to the parish so that we might learn more about our individual and unique ways of communicating best with Almighty God. Over 48 people filled out spirituality surveys and we held two seminars, Saturdays, October 4, 2014 and January 10, 2015 to learn about the nine spiritual styles and our primary spiritual colour. You can near hear “That is so very green of you” or “I get it because I am a blue” at coffee hour.We continue to focus on ways in which we can further develop our “passionate spirituality” at St. Paul’s.