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Repair Café

We've all heard the phrase, "They don't make things like they used to." This is intentional on the part of manufacturers eager to have consumers buy again and again. However many waste-conscious consumers are saying “let’s fix the old.”

A Repair Café is an opportunity where people from the local community can bring small appliances and other household goods to be fixed as well as clothing that needs patching or mending.  Coffee makers, lamps, toasters and kettles can often be fixed instead of tossed into the trash when they stop working.  Socks can be mended and ripped seams and zippers repaired.
At our last Annual General Meeting, which is called Parish Vestry, along with many parishes in our diocese, we adopted a resolution on climate change:  We, the vestry of St. Paul, Innisfil in the Diocese of Toronto, recognize that there is a global climate emergency. We acknowledge that all sectors of society, including government, business, churches and other non-profit organizations, and private individuals, have an obligation to do what they can to minimize their contribution to climate change. 
We have committed to 1)eliminating or reducing our use of single use plastic products 2)recycling batteries 3)recycling fine paper and kitchen waste 4)learning about and hosting one repair café in 2020 with a hope of making this a regular initiative.